Colin Varanyak is 21 and from Hamilton, New Jersey. When he was younger he was a racer and according to Rob Doleki he was going to be like this big ass thing in racing. He was on Powerlite at such a young age that racing took it’s toll on him he wound up quitting because of the stress the sponsors were putting on him. I’m not going to complain for him though, he found something better, thats less serious and that suits him.
 Colin was my pick for a Fiend Am spot. JJ, Ty and myself each got to pick a rider. When I first met Colin I was 16 and couldn’t believe how good he was. I had never heard of him -which I thought was crazy because we both lived in New Jersey. He came down to ride the ramps at my mom’s house for a few months and we became better friends. When it came time to do our first Deadline trip I decided to invite him to come along if he wanted and film for a part, he was down.
 Colin’s probably one of the gnarliest riders I’ve ever met and he has more fun doing it than you. Guaranteed! When you see the Deadline video you’ll understand. He has some footage in the Fiend promo but he didn’t get the chance to film as much as the pros did due to working full time and being a college student. The fact alone that he can balance all that with riding confuses me, I almost didn’t make it through high school because of riding. Not in his case -he just continues to come through. Colin would call me right after work,  keep in mind that he went to class before that, then he would drive over an hour to meet up with me to try to film tricks in my home town of Toms River that has pretty much only 5 spots. If you cant see Colin’s passion to ride right there I don’t know what would show it to you but when the Deadline video drops you’ll see his raw talent that I am talking about.