Seeing Garrett grow from that quirky little, I mean really small in size, 11 year old kid at the park to what he has grown to be today has been a real treat. He’d come into the shop with his dad to have us fix his beat ass bike that was too big and heavy for him daily. He never complained about it and just went on with his day, progressing his desire to ride.

 I’ve seen many a parent say that BMX is a waste of time. On the contrary, Garrett’s dad ,Rick, was always highly supportive that Garrett wanted to ride a bike. Rick was very confident that Garrett would be a force to be rekoned with in BMX, to the point that I think it might have embarassed Garrett sometimes. Turn the clock forward a few years and Garrett’s right where Rick always said he could be.

 Garrett has always been chill, never had an ego and will always be there for his friends, they’re his family too! I’m sure this is why he is highly respected by everyone that knows him. We all know he’s a shredder on his bike but his laid back attitude is an attribute you’ve got to respect.

 It’s been nearly a year since Garrett brought up the idea of doing Fiend with me. At first I was unsure since I already had a BMX business in the industry. We sat down a few times at the Hell House and it all came together. Sure things have been a little relaxed but why get too stressed over stuff? The guys have a vision for Fiend and if it means we miss some deadlines(no pun intended) then so be it.