I met JJ in 2005 at the Incline Club skatepark. He was killing the spine mini doing whip to manuals and downside ice pick grinds. After meeting him that day we became friends and before I knew it we would meet up almost every weekend. JJ doing his own thing and finding unique new lines with his massive pop in my eyes is what sets him apart from other riders.

After his Props bio dropped is when he first started to get respected by fellow riders and kids. I mean kids like him enough to get his name tattooed on themselves. Thats seriously nuts! Due to some unfortunate crashes shortly after the bio JJ was off the bike for quite some time. After his wrist and knee surgeries he got back to his old self not letting the crashes affect his riding.

This 24 year old hails from Levettetown, Pennsylvania and grew up shredding the X-games skate park and the streets of Philly. He is currently residing in San Diego where he has been putting in work for the Fiend promo and also the long awaited Deadline video. JJ is one of my friends that I’ve been most proud for pushing through the tough times in life and staying on his bike. He has had a rough life growing up to say the least. His mellow personality and humble approach is his key to lacing tech lines and getting big hammers and making it look effortless like grinding a flat ledge.