Ty is originally from West Palm, Florida but made his mark on the scene when he moved to Greenville, North Carolina and started filming with Tony Ennis for Josh Harrington’s End Search video. When the video dropped it was a banger. Ty came through with an awesome part showing tech lines and riding big deadman stuff really smoothly. His part was my favorite because he was the new blood. I had only met him briefly previously and rode with him once but we didn’t really ride so when I saw his footy I was like “Damn!”.

One thing most people don’t know is that his steeze comes from transition even though you will never get a chance to see him ride it unless it’s real life.  It’s a treat for sure but Ty could ride whatever he want’s, he’s that good. I think Ty is pretty much the steeziest street rider there is. I’m not saying that because he’s one of my best friends and I live with him. Seriously, watch him ride and then try and tell me I’m lying. His effortless style and retarded pop allow him to grind ledges that are neck high. At the age of 21 with the bike control he has you would think that he has been riding for 20 years but Ty’s barely been riding half that long. He shows constant progression in anything he puts out. Whether it’s new tricks or just doing the stuff he’s known for -Ty’s doing it all smoother, higher and faster.

When Ty heard rumors of me starting Fiend he called me up and asked if it was true. Before I knew it he hinted that he might want to be part of it. Later on I asked him and he was down. I’m obviously honored to have him be part of the family with his dedication to riding for fun and getting tricks done when its time to film.