Frame: Fiend Embryo Prototype 20.75″

Forks: Odyssey Race

Bars: Fiend 8.25″ Team Bars

Stem: Primo Neyer

Grips: ODI longnecks

Seat: Fiend

Seat Post: DUO PC

Cranks: Eclat

Sprocket: Kink Sound

Pedals: DUO Resilite

Chain: Shadow Half Link

Tire: Front Duo Stunner, Rear Animal GLH

Wheels: Front Cinema 777 Female, Rear Cinema Prototype laced to a Cinema 777 Rim

Peg: Shadow Little Ones


48 comments on “Garrett Bike Check

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  4. looks sweet. cant wait for the fiend stuff to be in the uk. do a ty morrow bike check. plz

  5. Stuart on said:

    Its not an animal sprocket its a kink sound

  6. Maxson Augusto de Souza on said:

    sprocket is KINKBIKES

  7. Blake Yard on said:

    seat looks to similar to premium, and what gearing does he run? i know the kink sprocket says 25, but i though he ran a 28/9. frame looks good, shocked its not U.S. made like the other one.



  10. Kink bmx animal sprocky balboa ? twisteed


  12. Dialed looking bike for sure. Your seats look really good! The sprocket clearly says “kinkbikes” though….

  13. pat scott on said:

    sick,how much does it weigh?

  14. The sprocket isn’t an Animal Balboa it’s a Kink BMX… I’m just saying to correct that if you want of course but sweet set-up though…

  15. Felipe Jimenez on said:


  16. cinema suk also nice bike looking very nice are u going to do ty morrow check and buy the way ur chain is on backwards and u have a spoke missing in front wheel

  17. 25t sprocket go back to 28 9 thats what its about jj is running 28 9 respect

  18. yo guys,i think that the sprocket is the new J.J. Palmere 27 tooth Fiend one made out of a carbon/graphite material.

  19. what kind of headset?

  20. i’ll give you 20 bucks and some party poppers for it.

  21. Nik Sick on said:

    It looks so sweet! Now im waiting for morrow bike check ;)

  22. nice bike , its weight ?

  23. kody weisbeck on said:

    this bike is sick! but the chain a lil loose?

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  25. amazing! How wide is the handlebars?

  26. mark zhang on said:

    Hello! Garrett Reynolds I am your fans! I’m Chinese but in China I couldn’t get your frame. Is there a way to let me buy your frame. thank you

  27. omar santiago on said:

    sick bike keep up the sick videos

  28. Jarrod on said:

    What FSA headset is that. Because theres the Impact, orbit etc.?

  29. Tilissocoollike on said:

    Garrett your chain is the wrong way around I think…

  30. shahryar on said:

    whats with this taiwan prototype fram ??

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  32. site analyzer on said:

    Hello! I’ve been reading your weblog for some time now and finally got the courage to go ahead and give you a shout out from Austin Tx! Just wanted to tell you keep up the good work!

  33. fiendbmx on said:

    Thanks allot man couldn’t do it without everyones support!

  34. zac panizza on said:

    just wanna say, i brout one of your seats a few days ago, they are amazing!!!!!!!!!!! and garrett best rider alive no one could beat the talent you have. and i hope fiend works out to be a big company. :)

  35. julian sandoval on said:

    greetings from Colombia want them to be in my country I am number 1 fan and always inspired amount with your videos

  36. Hows the Kink Sound Sprocket holding up?

  37. fiendbmx on said:

    good been runnign it for months now

  38. fiendbmx on said:

    Thanks man apreciate the support

  39. garrett,absolutely love your new company man,honestly you are my biggest inspiration for bmx ever,when I first saw your videos I had to go out and buy a bike because i want to be as good as you someday.well I just want to say congrats on your new company man,and I hope to get your new fiend embryo frame,the red one.

  40. 3620bmx on said:

    Is this your first 20.75 top tube frame? I have seen on other revs you use 20.5. Cheers!

  41. fiendbmx on said:

    all of our frames are available in a 20.75 TT

  42. Jason Robicheau on said:

    how do you determine the right bar rise? I am coming from the fit edwin 7.75 but was thinking about bumping up to the 8.25. I got 4 spacers so im sure its close to ethier 8 or 8.25.

  43. fiendbmx on said:

    If you currently are riding the 7.75 I would recomend going with a 8.25 or 8.5 they will be a little higher allot of it is just trial and error to get what feels best for you

  44. elijah on said:

    you never said anything about your headset but you and morrow are my all time favorite riders

  45. fiendbmx on said:

    At the time we shot the bike check we didnt have headsets out yet but we are all riding them now.

  46. willdcboy on said:

    just got my fiend frame yesturday n love the shit,wish i coulda got it sooner,but def wanna support fiend, garrett, n the (whole team).keep doing what you’s do n you got my support all day…

  47. will quinones on said:

    1st just wanna state garrett your my fav rider of all time…just got my fiend frame the other day n absolutly love the shit,just wanna show support to fiend,you n the whole team.just continue to do what yous do n yull have my support all day,much love…

  48. Noah Loves BMX on said:

    Looks so sweet. I ride the same bars in green

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