100% Ribbed Acrylic, 10″ tall, 9″ wide to provide a nice roomy fit. Demask tag at front left. Can be warn either with or without cuff.

22 comments on “Beanies

  1. carlos on said:

    want one

  2. they are so sick i want the red one!

  3. Sam Vargas on said:

    I take to mean that you are the idol Garrett No. 1 mine I would love to know you’re the best there
    t is like the best is also the No. 2 mine is very roughly idol that guy and also very crazy haha
    ct would like to know are the frames, handlebars, seat and hats Fiend and if shipments do answer me please I Sam Greetings
    PS: The website is up my team called Team Vendetta climb video for you Ty and Garrett dedicated to the best riders in the world luck in the X-Games After Tomorrow :) Greetings from Argentina – Mendoza

  4. how much are they?

  5. I want one so bad

  6. Where can I buy one?

  7. How can I get the red one!!??

  8. where can I buy one in san diego??

  9. These arent in the shop?? Deos anyone know where i can get one?

  10. where the hell can i get one in mississauga canada?!?!?!

  11. fiendbmx on said:

    All the major mail orders have them in stock

  12. fiendbmx on said:

    east county BMX has them in stock

  13. daniel on said:

    why is the black one smaller than the red one ?

  14. fiendbmx on said:

    The Beanie has a cuff on it and can be warn with or without the cuff up, which would make it apear longer or shorter depending on the choosen cuff amount.

  15. i have the red one

  16. Kevin on said:

    As I can get your products in Costa Rican????

  17. I live in brantford ,ontario canada I already got the black 1 and garrett’s stem etc off danscomp, So should I order off danscomp for more fiend stuff or is there a better way? I want to buy ! some deadline stuff too but it’s not on danscomp

  18. fiendbmx on said:

    If you already have ordered from Dan’s and it seems you where more then happy with the service I would always stick to the shop that gives you the best service. Unfortunately Deadline stuff is only available directly through our site which we can ship to canada no problem. thanks for supporting us

  19. fiendbmx on said:

    absolutely our online store can ship worldwide

  20. Mike on said:

    Ok thank you for your time & help, I ordered off danscomp last month and my new animal bc pedals the right one won’t spin properly theres 50$ gone but everything else was fine and since danscomp has everything I want or need like the Fiend stuff I’ll  stick to dansconp :)  I made an order yesterday off danscomp and the Fiend maroon beanie was sold out lol so I am gonna wait a little untill its in stock and order it, And for sure I am getting some deadline stuff off this site. (hopefully a fiend headset soon) Thanks for help HAIL BMX

  21. fiendbmx on said:

    Thanks for supporting

  22. Caleb Cabrera on said:

    You guys should make a grey one

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